What they’re saying about Playing with Prudence

“Game night takes on a whole new meaning with the erotic escape Playing with Prudence.”
“A great afternoon escape for a bit of historical game-play where trust and love are two of the prizes awaiting the winners of the game.”
Top Pick & Recommended Read: All Romance Ebooks Cafe, Lady Rhyleigh reviewer

“Yet again I’ve been bowled over by Ms Randall’s voice. I absolutely adored it. She takes me to that place when I’m reading that shuts the rest of the world out and only what happens in the book matters. Wowsers. Playing with Prudence is a fascinating read.”
Top pick: Miz Love & Crew Love Books
Shortlisted for April’s Top Pick @ Miz Love & Crew Love Books.

“…enough sexual adventure that left this reader wanting more. Great story!”
5 teacups: Happily Ever After Reviews

“Wow – what a steamy read! Playing with Prudence is woven with eroticism from the word go and it doesn’t let up. It’s a very sexual story with twists and turns that you won’t see coming. But one thing’s guaranteed, you’ll be feeling frisky as you read it! Good dirty fun from Ms. Randall!”
Lucy Felthouse, Erotica for All

“If the idea of a proper lady bound and spanked and being sexually aroused enough to hide slick heat beneath proper petticoats has your attention, then you will love this detailed and vivid short erotic piece.”
“…chock full of scenes writhing in decadent ecstasy.”
“…a fun and salacious romp in historical passion.”
3 cups: Coffee Time Romance

What they’re saying about Taking It Off

“Taking It Off
is one of the very few books I’ve read where the sexual tension is so bloody high just that alone is enough. It sizzles, it underlies every single thing Valentine and Lucy do, and you’ll find yourself racing towards the end to see if the promise of an excellent sex scene was worth the wait. My God is it.”
Golden Nib Award: Miz Love & Crew Love Books

“…I found Valentine such a sexy character…”
“It made me think of Sex and the City.
“This is a quick sexy read with some unique elements that I can happily recommend.”
4 cherries: Whipped Cream Reviews

“…I felt as though I’d dipped into Harrods or Selfridges for a deliciously naughty bit of retail therapy.”
“…the end result is lip smackingly delicious.”
“Very enjoyable and a brilliant example of building sexual tension between a couple.”
4 teacups: Happily Ever After Reviews

Taking it Off is a delicious read. It’s light and fun, but seriously sexy. I loved both major characters and thought the plot was fresh and interesting. If you’re looking for a sensual, teasing and sexy read, I can definitely recommend this one.”
Lucy Felthouse, Erotica for All

What they’re saying about Temporary Truce

Temporary Truce is another smokin’ hot title in the Tempting Temps range from Total-E-Bound. In this novella, Rachel Randall titillates us with a very naughty m/m/f threesome storyline. […] I really enjoyed this sexy ménage story — the professional and sexual tension really ratcheted up to fever pitch and had me rapidly turning pages to see what would happen next! Temporary Truce is another seriously sexy, well-written and engaging story from Rachel Randall, and one I’d recommend if you like to read m/m/f threesome tales.”
Lucy Felthouse, Erotica for All

“This isn’t the first book I have read by this author and certainly won’t be the last. […] this is a hot, fantastical tale of a couple of hard-nosed business associates sent away to learn how to get along in the boardroom.”
“…a steamy, sensual read that I found impossible to put down.”
“You can’t go wrong with this one if you like lots of sex, an unusual plot and sassy characters.”
Miz Love & Crew Love Books

What they’re saying about His Christmas Present

“Love, love, loved His Christmas Present, and it can be read any time of year. Okay, it’s set at a Christmas party, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the voice, the writing, and the dynamics of the relationships forming that are the important parts. I can’t praise the voice enough. It’s lush.”
Top Pick: Miz Love & Crew Loves Books

His Christmas Present was a very hot read. It was short but it was filled with sex that was explicit and very hot. I really enjoyed the story line. […] The characters were fun […] I greatly enjoyed the story.”
4 stars: Night Owl Erotica

“Properly representing a sex party is difficult at best but Ms. Randall pulls it off splendidly.”
“…the sex was incredible.”
“Ms. Randall is a very talented writer and I do look forward to reading more of her books, especially in this universe.”
3.5 cherries: Whipped Cream Reviews

What they’re saying about The Festival Spirit

The Festival Spirit takes sultry and erotic passion on the Solstice night to a thrilling level.”
Review: Joyfully Reviewed

“For a short novel, the characters were fully realized with their own unique flaws and desires. I would eagerly read more work from this talented author. For a sexy read where a crush turns into a real-life fantasy, The Festival Spirit is sure to entertain.”
4 teacups: Happily Ever After Review

What they’re saying about Lucky for Him

” Overall this book was good and I look forward to more by this author…”
3.5 stars: Night Owl Erotica

Lucky for Him is exciting and the characters interesting.”
3 cups: Coffee Time Romance