Temporary Truce

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Between a cock and a hard case.

The rivalry between Caroline Kildaire and Hilary Swift is as infamous in London legal circles as their rumoured affair. And while a professional partnership would make them unbeatable, attempts to work together always turn to personal warfare.

With only forty-eight hours to coax a temporary truce, young facilitator Adam Bloom surrenders to their sexually-charged tension. He’s risking it all to be the lucky man in the middle, hoping he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire first.

If there’s one thing the hot-tempered lawyers can agree on, it’s that Adam’s a tempting reward for cooperation. But in bending over for peace, he’s sparked their next battle: who gets to the top.

Caroline stretched closer to me, moulding her curves against my side. She tossed her head back, her auburn hair tangling across her forehead, her determined expression dialing my arousal higher. “It’s an incredible turn-on, isn’t it?” she murmured, mouth quirking. “Knowing he knows I’m here.”

Without waiting for an answer, she skimmed down my body, so close that her nose brushed my pubic hair. She turned her face towards me, her fringe tickling gently before she held it back with one hand. Very deliberately, she bit down across the big muscle of my thigh, right over my bruise. The pressure, the promise of more, had my leg jumping under her touch. Then she fixed her formidable concentration lower, to where my cock was thickening against my belly.

I swallowed against my dry mouth, imagining how wet hers would be. “That’s a leading question. I’m not going to answer without my lawyer present.”

Caroline ran her hands along the inside of my thighs. The coarse hairs there dragged under her thumbs. She bent forwards, the rise of her silk-clad back gleaming all the way up to the swell of her arse. Her lips parted—tantalisingly near to my prick—but didn’t close over me. I bucked up to try to force the matter and got fingernails biting into the thin skin over my hipbone in retaliation.

“Which one?” she purred.

Sex made me stupid, and for a moment I didn’t understand. Then I tore my gaze away from her mouth and saw that she was watching Hilary.

Hilary, who was leaning against her doorframe, watching both of us. His stare burned across my aroused body, putting to rest any remaining question of whether, like me, he played regularly for both teams.

“You’re always assuming victory, Ginger,” he said. “It’s a careless habit of yours.” The way he moved into the room—tense body, tight smile—was at odds with his diffident tone.

“Terms and conditions of our little treaty,” she whispered to me. “Still to be negotiated. We couldn’t agree about who got you first.”

I moaned at the very idea of that…

– from Temporary Truce by Rachel Randall. All rights reserved.


Temporary Truce is another smokin’ hot title in the Tempting Temps range from Total-E-Bound. In this novella, Rachel Randall titillates us with a very naughty m/m/f threesome storyline. […] I really enjoyed this sexy ménage story — the professional and sexual tension really ratcheted up to fever pitch and had me rapidly turning pages to see what would happen next! Temporary Truce is another seriously sexy, well-written and engaging story from Rachel Randall, and one I’d recommend if you like to read m/m/f threesome tales.”
Lucy Felthouse, Erotica for All

“This isn’t the first book I have read by this author and certainly won’t be the last. […] this is a hot, fantastical tale of a couple of hard-nosed business associates sent away to learn how to get along in the boardroom.”
“…a steamy, sensual read that I found impossible to put down.”
“You can’t go wrong with this one if you like lots of sex, an unusual plot and sassy characters.”
Miz Love & Crew Love Books 


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Also available as part of a print anthology.

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