Playing with Prudence

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Fantasies are even better when they’re shared.

1143-210x336Prudence loves the sexy games her husband arranges for her, and she craves the punishment for losing as much as the pleasures of victory. Edward is frustrated, however, that Pru denies them both her true submission by telling herself they are only playing.

A visit from Major Harry Sterling, their oldest friend, offers an erotic opportunity to push Pru past her boundaries. She’s always fantasised about having Harry, but will sharing her body with another help Pru fully surrender to the man she loves?


“Game night takes on a whole new meaning with the erotic escape Playing with Prudence.”
“A great afternoon escape for a bit of historical game-play where trust and love are two of the prizes awaiting the winners of the game.”
Top Pick & Recommended Read: All Romance Ebooks Cafe, Lady Rhyleigh

“Yet again I’ve been bowled over by Ms Randall’s voice. I absolutely adored it. She takes me to that place when I’m reading that shuts the rest of the world out and only what happens in the book matters. Wowsers. Playing with Prudence is a fascinating read.”
Top pick: Miz Love & Crew Love Books
Shortlisted for April’s Top Pick @ Miz Love & Crew Love Books.

“…enough sexual adventure that left this reader wanting more. Great story!”
5 teacups: Happily Ever After Reviews

“Wow – what a steamy read! Playing with Prudence is woven with eroticism from the word go and it doesn’t let up. It’s a very sexual story with twists and turns that you won’t see coming. But one thing’s guaranteed, you’ll be feeling frisky as you read it! Good dirty fun from Ms. Randall!”
4 stars:  Erotica for All 

“If the idea of a proper lady bound and spanked and being sexually aroused enough to hide slick heat beneath proper petticoats has your attention, then you will love this detailed and vivid short erotic piece.”
“…chock full of scenes writhing in decadent ecstasy.”
“…a fun and salacious romp in historical passion.”
3 cups: Coffee Time Romance


Harry stepped, scratched but triumphant, into the garden at the centre of Lyell’s Folly. His quick survey of the terrain took in the fountain, trees, flowers, a bench, before he froze at the sight of their tableau. Ned and Prudence. Her carefully arranged hair now loose, shanks of it pulled tight in Ned’s fist. Her head tilted at an awkward angle as he yanked.

Paralysis gripped Harry. He felt as though he should step forward to help her, but somehow couldn’t, knew instinctively he shouldn’t.

“Oh, good,” Ned said. “You’re here. Took you long enough. Give me your braces.” Harry hesitated, still unable to make sense of anything but the demands of his body. “Major Sterling,” Ned snapped. “Give. Me. Your. Fucking. Braces.”

Harry was acutely aware of Pru tracking every movement as he shrugged them off his shoulders and handed them shakily to her husband. Ned deftly bound her wrists together behind her back with the long leather straps then jerked on the knot he’d made. She stumbled, her body briefly flailing, her arms jerking as she struggled to use them to catch her balance.

This graphic illustration of the full truth of their relationship demolished Harry’s composure once and for all. He watched, unable to look away, as Pru’s small breasts jutted forward, those fat little nipples still at attention underneath the cotton of her shift.

Ned stripped off his jacket and shirt with quick movements. His nipples, too, were tight beads. “Harry?” His voice was full of the same raw sex in his eyes.

I knew, Harry thought. But in truth, he hadn’t imagined it would be like this. His cock stirred under the weight of Ned’s attention and unable to maintain the intensity of the scrutiny, he looked away first.

“How did you do it, Clarke?” Ned pulled his crop from his boot and swung it through the air. His voice was as clipped as the crack it made. “I’ll tell you how. You cheated.”

“Master. I’m sorry.”

Ned gave her a lazy smile, completely at odds with the tension of their tableau. “Slut. I have no interest in your filthy lies.” Her breath hiccupped into a sob as he lifted her chin with the very tip of the crop.

“Shut your mouth.”

Harry had always thought of himself as a man of simple tastes, but the force of his reaction to both sounds made him wonder whether it was Pru herself that heated his blood like this or the way that she was with Ned. Either way, he had to act, needed to be part of this—

“I was the one to cheat,” Harry said, stepping forward. “I tried to slow her down in the maze. To trap her. Don’t punish her for my mistake.”

This time Ned didn’t even look at him as he said, “Major Sterling. Do tell me. Is it the threat of the crop on my wife that excites you, or the memories you have of being whipped yourself?”

Harry froze.

“I remember quite well how you complained about the corporal punishment your military masters used to bring you in line.” Ned glanced at him then, taking his measure in a slow once-over. “I enjoyed those stories nearly as much as you did.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” A second too slow.

Ned laughed. “Two liars, then. Chivalry ill-becomes you, Harry.”

He now held Pru in place with one hand at the nape of her neck, a light touch, but one that seemed to hold an enormous power over her. Her eyes were wide and hazy, her entire body gone limp. Harry thought, aching, This is what desire really looks like.

There were grass stains on her knees, dirt on her hem, twigs in her hair. She would have squirmed, he knew, wriggled on her belly underneath the hedge just to get here first. She’d wanted to win, too, to win pleasure that she would take from Harry. From me.

The need to fuck her was sharp, overwhelming.

“Ned,” Harry said urgently. “Give her to me.”

Pru whimpered and Ned’s eyes narrowed. “And why should I? Listen to her. She wants you. That’s hardly penalty for her disobedience.”

Harry let Ned know with one hot look how serious he was about claiming his prize. “If she cheated, then I won.”

Pru moved towards him but in the instant before she reached him, Ned’s wrist flicked out then down. The crop descended quicker than Harry’s eye could track it, but the vicious thwack and her yelp, told the tale. “Stay,” Ned snapped.

“Hell,” Harry breathed.

The crop snapped back again. “One for attention, two for the lesson,” Ned paused, then struck her once more, flush across her ass, “three to make sure.” Ned handed the crop to Harry. “Make yourself useful.”

– from Playing with Prudence by Rachel Randall. All rights reserved.


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