Lucky for Him

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Take the risk to win the prize.

Industry rumours whisper that Argentinian billionaire Renzo Vega has invested in a secret project known only as ‘Lucky’. Eager for his next challenge, entrepreneur Rob Wright tracks Renzo to his luxury yacht. Rob’s determined to get in on the deal, so when Renzo refuses to meet with him, he stows away on the ship.

Soon Rob’s sailing into uncharted waters with the most charismatic man he’s ever met. And as the Mediterranean heat intensifies, he discovers that Lucky’s not only real, she’s a sexy ex-hacker with a talent for pushing all of his buttons.

She and Renzo want Rob to be their onboard entertainment. Now Rob just has to survive their attentions long enough to close the deal—and to make it back to port in one piece.


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Total E-Bound | All Romance Ebooks | Barnes & Noble
Amazon UK | Amazon US


“Veuve Clicquot not your taste?” The question is soft, Irish, amused.

“I prefer Guinness,” Rob says, and gives her his most friendly smile. She’s dressed in a figure-hugging little black dress, and he’s seen her before—across the room, always near to Renzo but not obviously part of his group. He first noticed her because of the confident way she holds herself. Now he’s wondering if she’s another possible route to Vega.

She follows his line of sight across the room. “Ah. You want to join the admirers.” She pauses, her gaze tracking out of the porthole, at the distant lights visible from shore, before glancing back with an arch smile. “To be honest, I’m surprised at your restraint. Given that you’re already trespassing on private property.”

Bodyguard? he wonders. Her bare arms are sleekly muscled, and she certainly looks capable. Trust Vega to have a beautiful ninja on his staff.

“I lost my invitation?” he tries, hands up mea culpa.

“I don’t like liars.” She narrows her eyes. “But you’re certainly persistent. Is there a good reason for it?”

This is as much opening as he’s had in weeks, but her frosty tone and his own frustration have him wrong-footed.

“I need to speak to Vega about an important business matter.”

She doesn’t like his charm, and his lack of finesse is no improvement. “So your messages say. He’s on personal leave, Mr Wright. As you’ve been told several times before by Señor Vega’s staff.”

So Vega does know who I am and why I’m here. Interesting. Encouraging. “I’m not leaving until we’ve spoken.”

“That may be difficult,” she says coolly. “Given that his mouth is otherwise occupied. I’d tell Renzo that you’re as stubborn as you look, but he won’t want to hear about it. You may be his type, but he doesn’t talk business aboard the Estrella. If you don’t like our champagne I suggest you get the hell off our ship. Bubbles are all we’re offering.”

Jaw clenching, Rob stares over at Renzo Vega, now sprawling on a leather sofa with Blonde and Cheekbones draped across him. Vega raises his glass at him in a silent toast.

Rob, well-versed in powerful men, knows a dismissal when he sees one. On the other hand, as a powerful man himself Rob doesn’t need a master tugging on his leash. Especially not one who seems to tug at his cock at the same time.

Rob stays exactly where he is, watching as, at Vega’s command, the billionaire’s companions touch him, kiss him. The blonde twists on Vega’s lap, encouraging the twink next to her to slide near. Rob’s lips part as their kisses deepen into a sensuous display. He takes an involuntary step closer.

“So you do like our little party after all. If you prefer to watch, I’m sure that can be arranged.”

There’s sudden warmth in her words, a hint of co-conspiracy in her lilt, like she’s discovered something worth forgiving in his unwilling attraction. He’s suddenly, vividly aware of her nearness, so close she’s all impression — dark eyes, dark skin, a little hitch to her breath.

She’s excited by me. Then it flashes for him, that instinct of his that hasn’t steered him wrong since it led to his first million-pound deal. Our champagne, our ship. There was something here, something about this woman that could hold his answers.

“You don’t like liars,” he says, “but what about gamblers? How much will it take for you to change sides?”

– from Lucky for Him by Rachel Randall. All rights reserved.


3.5 stars from Night Owl Reviews

3 cups from Coffee Time Romance

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