Blog Appearances

Many thanks to my lovely hostesses!

3 September 2012: Erotica for All: Inspiring The Boss (excerpts; with Justine Elyot)

7 May 2012: Hitting the Hotspot: Feel like playing with Prudence? (excerpt from Playing with Prudence)

7 April 2012: Hitting the Hotspot: Virtual Spring Cleaning

7 March 2012: Hitting the Hotspot: Red carpet glamour

7 February 2012: Hitting the Hotspot: My favourite romantic comedies

26 January 2012: Maggie Nash’s blog: Thursday Teaser — excerpt from Temporary Truce

07 January 2012: Hitting the Hotspot: London Sparkle (amazing Fortnum’s Xmas windows + Tempting Temps anthology)

07 December 2011: Hitting the Hotspot: Happy Holidays Everyone

07 November 2011: Hitting the Hotspot: Autumn/Winter 2011 (pettable men’s fashions…mmm)

07 October 2011: Hitting the Hotspot: October Means… (Free read Fly Baby and Temporary Truce news)

15 September 2011: JC Martin’s blog: Mythology 101:  Golden Apples by Rachel Randall

9 September 2011: Ravencraft’s Romance Realm: Chat with Seducing the Myth authors

7 September 2011: Justine Elyot’s blog: A bite of the Golden Apple (inspiring my contribution to the Seducing the  Myth anthology)

7 September 2011: Hitting the Hotspot: Shiny Things (my new interest in Pinterest) 

31 August 2011: Lisa Fox Romance: Meet the authors of Seducing the Myth

7 August 2011: Hitting the Hotspot: Seducing the Myth (with an excerpt of my story “Golden Apples”)

15 July 2011: Patricia Pellicane’s blog: Excerpt from Taking It Off (warning: extreme sexual tension!)

7 July 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Inspiring The Festival Spirit

18 June 2011: Lisabet Sarai’s Beyond Romance: A Splash of Colour (the eroticism of art in Taking It Off and Playing with Prudence)

7 June 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Inspiring Taking It Off

3 June 2011: Amy Valenti’s blog: Erotic is…

7 May 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Inspiring Playing with Prudence

7 April 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Setting your inhibitions free (holiday pics & Prudence!)

3 April 2011: Lisabet Sarai’s Beyond Romance: Sizzling excerpt from Playing with Prudence.

1 April 2011: Total E-Bound Author Spotlight: Interview with Rachel Randall

28 March 2011: Bianca Sommerland’s blog: A very precise equation (Threesomes & Playing with Prudence)

14 February 2011: Shermaine William’s blog: The perfect fit (Inspiration for Taking It Off)

14 February 2011: Justine Elyot’s blog: Come and live a love supreme (Taking It Off Music Mix)

7 February 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Is it Valentine’s day yet?

12 January 2011: Lisabet Sarai’s Beyond Romance: But will it turn me on?

7 January 2011: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Post-Holiday Fizz (a free story!)

1 January 2011: Jenika Snow’s blog: Guest interview

17 December 2010: Victoria Blisse’s Friends Friday: Christmas music and His Christmas Present

7 December 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Christmas revelry with Rachel Randall

7 November 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: London’s allure

16 October 2010: Total E-Talk Radio: Interview and reading of excerpt from The Festival Spirit. Starts around the 11 minute mark in the 16 October 2010 show.

7 October 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Tools of the trade

7 September 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: The friendly skies?

7 August 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Soundtrack to a sexy summer

29 July 2010: Bronwyn Green’s blog: Bronwyn interviews me about The Festival Spirit

25 July 2010: Charlotte Stein’s blog: Charlotte interviews me about The Festival Spirit

7 July 2010: Hitting the Hot-Spot: Firsts and threesomes and a free read!