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Lose yourself with Prudence…


Harry entered the maze. A week of fine weather had left the path firm and dry, but there was no indication of whether he should choose left or right. He chose left as Ned was left-handed and it seemed as good a reason as any, but he soon found himself at a dead-end. A nook was cut into the heavy bushes and there was a wooden bench there, placed to catch the afternoon sun. He wanted the prize far too much to linger, however, so he swiftly turned and retraced his steps, taking the other route.

Glossy dark holly framed the maze’s outer rim, but it was pungent yew that defined its twists and turns. It was devilishly complex for a puzzle that covered such a small area, but Harry had been navigating treacherous territory for years now and he remained confident. Especially when he heard the sound of feminine curses from the other side of his next turn.

mazeHe emerged out into a clearing, a perfect square with passageways branching off from the other three walls. Pru was standing in the middle, staring about in consternation. The sun threaded fire through the braided mass of her hair. When he appeared, her frown lifted into a happy smile.

“Oh, thank goodness,” she said. “Now it’s only a fifty-fifty chance. Can you believe the man? I visit my mother for a few weeks and he has the entire north-west quadrant rearranged!”

Harry could believe anything of Ned, but right then he couldn’t believe his luck. Two quick strides brought him to her side, one more trapped her between him and the far hedge. Fenced in by his arms, her smile widened.

“You’re cheating,” she murmured.

“Just a little,” he told her and dipped his head close to hers. Her lips were pliant against his but she wouldn’t deepen their kiss. His hands closed over her narrow shoulders. Frustration filled him. “I don’t understand any of this,” Harry told her. “Prudence. Tell me what you want.”

She blinked. “I want you.”

There it was. His question—so many, but all beginning with the same word—burst out. “Why?”

“Because Ned says I can have you.”

It was the answer to all his questions, and to none of them. But it was Ned and Prudence, and they were enough for Harry. “Kiss me. Please.”

She made a sound that went straight to his cock and then she kissed him, as deeply as tongue and abandon could allow. He pulled her closer, wanting the feel of her breasts on his chest—after all, what was this game they played but a means to that end? In answer she twisted free of his grip and with a cheeky grin, slowly slid down the length of his body.

“Oh—” Whatever he’d planned to say stuttered into silence as her fingertips ghosted over his hard bulge. He spread his legs almost without thought, wanting to give her as much access as she needed. But instead of touching him, she took advantage of his mistake to scoot underneath him, through and away.

“Come back!” Lust made Harry slow. He reached out to catch her but Prudence was having none of it. She danced away and with one last smile, fled down one of the passageways, her dirty bare heels kicking up behind her.

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